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2012 Truck King Pics 042

Matt never had a chance.

Born to a father who was truck and powersports obsessed he started his driving career in a battery- powered plastic pickup at just two years old. He soon decided it didn’t go fast enough and spent most of his time climbing onto the real ATV’s and snowmobiles I was testing and writing about at the that time. He’d hammer the throttle and make the engine sounds while hanging out into the pretend curves.  Frankly it was good practice.

By the time he was 10 I put him to work as my (affectionately called) “photo monkey” He’d ride and I’d take the pics.  Powersports lead to pickup trucks and even garbage trucks. He even got marketing diploma but that didn’t deter him from also getting his mechanics license.  A triple threat – drives em, fixes em – and he’s good on camera too.  Today he’s an integral part of the Truck King team.


2010 Canada Farm Show 042Algoma 24 (loading side shot) Dec 07 Garbage Forever 001 Matt using remote skidding winch Picture 086 Picture 157 Reese Elite Hitch in 2011 Silverado 2500 065


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