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Howard Elmer- Founder of the Canadian Truck King Challenge

Howard J Elmer is an automotive editor, writer and author, based in Brampton, ON.

He has a transportation, newspaper, magazine and radio background. His current and past outlets include the NATIONAL POST, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS, TRUCK TREND MAGAZINE, RV GAZETTE MAGAZINE and many other publications. His vocation grew out of his fascination with all things motorized including trucks, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and powerboats – all of which he writes about. His licensing and experience includes operating heavy trucks, recreational vehicles, watercraft, off-road vehicles and even military assets. He is a race enthusiast, fan and participant, particularly in Baja-style off-road truck racing. His hobbies cover auto restoration, tree farming, wilderness canoeing and restoring antique tractors. His education includes business studies at York University, a graduate diploma in Journalism from Humber College and a CTM designation. He is a past director of the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors, member of the Truck Writers of North America, the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada and past president of the Brampton chapter of the Canadian Progress Club.

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Howard’s two sons, Matthew and Stephen, are also a driving force behind the Canadian Truck King Challenge.

Steve at TestFest 2015Stephen Elmer is a D/Z licensed truck driver and automotive enthusiast. His passion for photography and videography along with the guidance provided by his father lead into a career in automotive journalism with Stephen covers the pickup truck market for AutoGuide, testing every new pickup truck on the market. Outside of work, Stephen loves wrenching on cars, snowmobiles, ATVs and anything else with oil and spark plugs. When his machines are running, Stephen can be found out on the trails. He is also an avid musician.

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Matthew Elmer is an Automotive Service Technician, former auto and power sports writer, licensed DZ truck driver, and lover of all things motive mattatvfacepower. During the Canadian Truck King Challenge Matt co-ordinates logistics for the various trailers, payloads, and on/off road driving performed by the judges.  Before and after the event he wrenches on race cars, demolition derby cars, his own fleet of hoopties, and anything else that piques his curiosity! Matthew manages Truck King social media in his spare time and is always available to “Talk Truck” with fans.

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About The Iron Wood Test Facility

The Iron Wood Parking Lot- Head Lake, Ontario

The Iron Wood Parking Lot- Head Lake, Ontario

Head Lake is about a two-hour drive north of Toronto in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. The marshalling yard for the event is located on a private 70-acre site that not only provided a secure and sheltered site but also allowed the construction of an off-road course through rocky and hilly terrain. Old farm fields on site were ideal for the dead weight pull.

The local roads in this region are a mixture of secondary paved and hard surface gravel. But, there are also many old colonization roads that are poorly, or no longer, maintained. These rough roads are what are left of a grid network that served many hundreds of families who tried to farm the area early in the last century. The thin soil and rocky fields were just not suited to cultivation and as these families moved away the roads that serviced their farms fell into disuse. Though most of these farms were abandoned decades ago these roads are still owned by the township today and are open to the public – ideal for truck testing.

The Tacoma (2008 overall winner) navigates the off-camber course designed to demonstrate the ability of each trucks 4WD system. Often with two wheels in the air the truck (with open differentials) will come to a complete halt.

The Tacoma (2008 overall winner) navigates the off-camber course designed to demonstrate the ability of each trucks 4WD system. Often with two wheels in the air the truck (with open differentials) will come to a complete halt.


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  1. Hans W. Feuss

    Mr Elmer, I am confused:

    I was looking for the 2013 and 2014 Truck King Challenge Results (complete) on this website and can’t find the information.
    Can you help?
    Much appreciated.
    Hans Feuss

  2. Sébastien D'Amour

    Good morning Mr. Elmer,

    How are you?

    My name is Sébastien D’Amour.

    I am very intrigued and interested in covering your testing at the Iron wood test facility for 2015 is it’s not already begun. I am interested because I feel that you actually do a great test and comparison. I wish more quality comparison of this sort would be done.
    I would like to know if you would be interested in a video and photo coverage of the Truck King Challenge for 2015. I see you have a small trailer on your youtube channel for 2014 but not a full video. I think many visitors would love to see a full video of the event.

    Thank you very much for your time and I will be awaiting your reply,

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